Art of Rally is a harbinger of chaos when you begin to play the game as a newbie. It takes a while to get a handle of when to start braking and how much steering to apply.
The cars in the game are naturally made to drift and so any large movement of the analogue stick will send you drifting into a field hitting three sheep and wrapping yourself around a tree and then patiently waiting for the game to respawn you onto the road.
Though once you get the hang of it it can be like a simple dance routine tap left a little on the analogue stick and smugly drift around the corner in perfection, Harsh on the brakes and elegantly avoid the boulders in the centre of the road.
Career Mode
The Career mode is the main part of the game and it's set in groups. You start in Group 2 level up to Group 3, then Group 4 and then after that groups b, s and a in subsequent order.
You start your rally career in 1967 and go onto compete in two stages of which are set in Kenya and we then move through both those stages and head into 1968 where the rally is based in Japan.
Both 1967 & 1968 have 2 Stages within their Rally. Though 1969 has 3 Stages and 1970 & 1971 both have 4 stages within them. Group 2 is made up of 5 Rallies from 1967 to 1971.
Within the career mode the aim of the game is to complete the rallies without having to restart you get a maximum of 5 restarts and you get rewarded with new liveries for every rally you complete with 1 or more restarts left. You also receive prize cars as rewards
The career mode is procedurally generated so the best part is every playthrough is different.
Chill-step Soundtrack
The game is accompanied by a chill-step soundtrack which sets the tone and gets you into the zone for a bit of chill gaming. As much as the game is challenging and can sometimes be frustrating the soundtrack seems to take the pain away and bring you back down to earth as a player.
It's almost like a therapy - Make the game extremely difficult but accompany it with a relaxing sound bed and What do you get? Well peace of mind and a positive mindset that's what it feels like you get.
The game is all about trying again and not giving up it even says t before you enter career mode. The music reflects this attitude greatly and allows the player to remain calm and most importantly try again.
Simple but effective Art styling
The art style is extremely simple but it reflect how the game works with the player being calm and having a minimalistic approach to things. The art is there but it is never the main focus and this brings more to the game than making it look like a glossy 4k Xbox series X|S type.
The game is about drifting and rallying but it's not stealing Dirt 5's just and it's not wanting to become Forza Horizon 5. This is a game at it's simplest form but it's simplest form for enjoyment and aesthetic purposes.
Handling the car
The handling of the car is a difficult one but that is the point of the game it's a challenge that you have to overcome and adapt yourself to work well with. your first few races will not be perfect and nobody's is. Once you play it for a few hours you'll realise your probably not as bad as you thought you were. and your actively improving.
You'll probably find that breaking earlier than you think you need to will help you but only pull in the trigger half way you don't want to underbreak and you definitely don't want to over break. When turning in pull the analogue stick all the way but when heading out slacken it a little.
PS: I'm no guide writer so this is probably written in the most horrible way for you to understand fully.
You can take part in online events and verse other players on getting the fastest time on the leader board these are updated daily and another more difficult challenge is updated weekly. Though You can't in the sense of being in the same world race you friends multiplayer just yet.
Game Score: 8.5/10
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